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Note: Needs Updated

From what I have been researching and seen it seems that WordPress is moving into the CMS market. That is not only is it used for blogs anymore but people are using it to do other types of sites. Starting a wordpress site is simple and it has many plugins available to do many different things. The one thing that you have to do when using wordpress is to keep the site updated at all times. If you do not you could become victim to some automated spamming/hacking bot or even something worse. A real human.

I generally use wordpress to take notes and keep things organized into sections. I like the fact that if I need to know something that I do not have to go around digging through data and can see it in a clear form. I hope that in the end posting my ideas openly will start something too.


Good WordPress Plugins
Column Name Function Notes
WPBook Put your blog posts on facebook It sometimes errors but even then it always seems to post to facebook. The new version is supposed to fix this. Takes some time to configure.
Twitter Tools Passes your blog posts to twitter and vice versa! None
WordPress.com Stats Get wordpress to help track clicks and such How does this work?
TinyMCE Advanced Gotta have this to edit your blog Get this editor.....
All in One Video Pack Video and WebCam Intergration I am testing
BackUpWordPress Backup your wordpress and sql on a schedule You need this...

Using WordPress

Google the instructions for the auto upgrade. You are supposed to disable the plugins first. The manual upgrade is not that hard...I think a plugin to automatically update exists....I should check...