Weight Loss and Exercise

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Exercise Regiment Generals

  • Quit Smoking
    • Nicotine Gum
    • Regular Gum
    • Avoid Smoke
    • Times want to smoke?
      • Coffee\Caffinated Drinks
      • In car and/or long trips
      • Work
      • On computer
      • After eating
    • Habit Replacement
  • Doing the same thing over and over is habit building

Exersise Concepts

Basic Workout
Run 10 Mins
Situp/Pushup Combo
3s 12r Front Legs
3s 12r Back Legs
3s 12r Bench
3s 12r Back
3s 12r Chest
3s 12r Squat
3s 12r Deadlift
  • Find something to do on the weekend?

Scheduled Workout

Monday 1
Wednesday 2
Friday 3