Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K

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I installed this SRCOOL12K[1] air conditioner with the SNMPWEBCARD[2]

The air conditioner out vent was easy. I used a 6 inch hole saw (use both hands) and created it hole. I used the original out tube that came with the unit and a vent for the outer wall on the outside of the room. I also purchased the insulation that goes around vents. It has regular insulation, with a foil outside. Make sure to cut the foil long. I used foil tape to secure it to the unit and the wall/out vent. The foil tape was useful in covering up the fact that I trimmed the insulation too short.


I plugged the unit in to test and it was working great. At one point I put the exit tube that came with the unit to direct air, but that was a bad idea. It was raining from the tube within hours. I do not suggest that you use this tube.

You also MUST cover the IR (red) sensor on the top of the unit. I was in an isolated room, fully insulated, and the air conditioner would switch to dehumidify mode. We have people that use remotes, but the remotes are on the other side of the room, and the room is fully enclosed. But, as soon as I covered up the sensor, it never switched modes again.


I messed with this card for hours. There are two console interfaces (both ssh and telnet). I was told that the serial interface was a different console interface but it looks like the standard telnet port is general management and the other port is use to clone the serial interface line. The serial interface line is more command oriented and the normal port is like an ncurses menu.

I could not set a temp until I plugged the "remote" temp sensor in. It is a sensor with some contacts on it. I figured if I did not plug it into the SNMPWEBCOOL it would just use the air conditioners stat. I was wrong. You need to hook up this external sensor for this to work.

Connecting to the card is a nightmare. You HAVE to use outdated java because the algorithms that the app uses to log in uses insecure/outdated code. I messed around with different versions of java/web browsers trying to get this to run. I ended up contacting tech support and they have an installer that does the whole shabang called PowerAlert Console Launcher. It just runs the java app via command prompt. I am willing to bet I could do the same thing on Linux.

From there I was able to use the web interface to set remote temps, etc.

Notes from tech support:

The settings are saved to flash memory in 30min intervals so if you make changes and then unplug the unit it will not save these settings permanently.  You can force the write to flash by rebooting or logging in via Telnet on port 5214 or SSH on 2112 and sending the command "savedb".

It is recommended to keep the SRCOOLNET powered and connected to the cooling unit at all times.  

If you are still having issues with saving settings then I would recommend the following. 

Log in via Telnet on port 5214 or SSH on 2112 and send the commands "rm FLASH0/pal.db" and then "reboot".  The commands are case sensitive.  

The card will reboot and rebuild the database with fresh information.  You should now be able to set your temperature set point by navigating to DEVICE>CONTROL>SET SET POINT or SET REMOTE SET POINT depending on the remote check box on STATUS OVERVIEW. 

As for the sensor.  The accuracy of the sensor is +/- 8% according to the specifications.  Location can also make the reading appear to be incorrect if the sensor is located in a hotter area of the environment.  I would recommend to put the sensor near the unit if you would like to compare the readings between the two.