Transmission Torrent Client

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Debian 8 Jessie

apt-get install transmission-daemon
systemctl stop transmission-daemon
nano /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

Whitelist, rpc user, pass , and port...also peer port, download and incomplete dirs.

  • rpc does not follow cidr but instead *. so 192.168.1.*
systemctl start transmission-daemon

CIFS watch directory

inotify is used to notify transmission that a new file has been added.[1][2]

This does not work with CIFS. So someone talked about making a script that checked everyone once in a while and used transmission-remote -a $file to send to transmission.

But the simpler method[3] is just to create two watch local and one remote and have the crontab move the torrent file to the local dir.

So lets do it[4]:

watch-dir: String 
watch-dir-enabled: Boolean (default = false) Watch a directory for torrent files and add them to transmission.

Note: When watch-dir-enabled is true, only the transmission-daemon, transmission-gtk, and transmission-qt applications will monitor watch-dir for new .torrent files and automatically load them.

systemctl stop transmission-daemon
su -
cd /var/lib/transmission-daemon
mkdir watch
chown debian-transmission:debian-transmission watch
chmod 777 watch
crontab -e

Then add this:

*/1 * * * * mv /mnt/CIFSMOUNT/watch/*.torrent /var/lib/transmission-daemon/watch > /dev/null 2>&1
nano /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json
   "watch-dir": "/var/lib/transmission-daemon/watch",
   "watch-dir-enabled": true

Respect the commas at the end of the lines, except the last line. Also look in the syslog if you have issues. I had permssion problems with the incomplete and download dirs. The chmod 777 watch...may be able to be restricted more.

systemctl start transmission-daemon