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With existing webserver I had to:

aptitude install php5-gd

Install on Debian 6

cd /var/www
mkdir tracmor
cd tracmor
mv tracmor-master/* .
rm -rf tracmor-master
rm -rf

Create Database

mysql -u root -p

SQL Commands

create database tracmordb;
grant usage on *.* to tracmoruser@localhost identified by 'tracmorpasswd';
grant all privileges on tracmordb.* to tracmoruser@localhost;
use tracmordb;
source ./data_model/create.sql
source ./data_model/data.sql


nano -w includes/
  • Config mod example:
 define ('__DOCROOT__', '/var/www');
 define ('__VIRTUAL_DIRECTORY__', '');
 define ('__SUBDIRECTORY__', '/tracmor');

 define('ALLOW_REMOTE_ADMIN', false);

 DEFINE('__TRACMOR_TMP__', '/tracmor/tmp');

The INSTALL file states to put the contents of the tracmor dir in the root of the webserver but in the config file it has it in a directory in the root of the webserver. It states you can put it anywhere but why would they tell you to put it at root if the config file is modded for something else. You need to:

  • Edit the directives in the INSTALL file
  • Edit the tmp dir directive in the file
chown -R www-data:www-data tmp/
chown -R www-data:www-data uploads/