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stty -a

ssh -t qnxhost stty -a

vi ex mode

vi :map


Since it's ArchLinux, who knows if you built the ncurses library correctly or even installed the terminfo database properly.




terminal emulation vt100

16:20 < kurahaupo> webdawg: it is not configurable via sshd.conf; rather it copies settings from the client tty or uses hardcoded defaults
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16:21 < Dagmar> webdawg: So... let's see... (looking for a filepath here)
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16:21 < webdawg> kurahaupo: so the ssh server does ask the client for local terminal settings.
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16:22 < Dagmar> webdawg: Check to make sure there's a /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm on the remote end
16:22 < Dagmar> webdawg: It passes the value of TERM over
16:22 < kurahaupo> webdawg: yes, especially in respect of the window
16:22 < ifohancroft> triceratux: http://www.fpaste.org/268640/42524886/ here it is btw. This is after I added xorg.conf sections so I can
                     ignore the joystick so at least in xinput it doesn't show twice and also so I can remove mouse acceleration but you
                     can still see it not even recognizing the right ammount of buttons and stuff, adding it multiple times as different
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16:23 < Dagmar> ifohancroft: Find whoeevr build your X binaries and stab them repeatedly.
16:23 < kurahaupo> webdawg: it also passes a limited set of environment variables, including TERM
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16:23 < ifohancroft> Dagmar: I am not sure if it's X's fault. Isn't it getting most of the device info from udev?
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16:24 < kurahaupo> webdawg: but TERM isn't actually a "terminal setting" as such,
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16:24 < kurahaupo> webdawg: TERM is an environment variable that notifies programs what sort of terminal they're dealing with
16:25 < ifohancroft> I don't even want the people responsible for those bugs' existance or fixing to care. I just want to figure out/some