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Extending out from Demarc

Well, first off, T1/DS1 is not spec over Catagory <anything> cable. it's fine for shorter runs, but will fail with any real distance, even within the usual structured cabling limitations.

What you need is "Premises Cable" which is individually shielded pair inside a shielded jacket.

If you go to www.anixter.com and do a catalog search on premises cable, yyou'll get a list.

It is available in two pair, or more.

With Prem cable, you can run up to 655 feet from the demarc and still be in spec for T1/DS1.

Beyond that, you should probably get the demarc moved.

(what's the difference between moving the demarc and extending the demarc. you ask?

Well, the signaling to the smartjack / niu is (usually) HDSL; once it passes the smartjack / niu, it's standard DS1/T1 signaling .... HDSL can handle the extra distance, DS1/T1 cannot (beyond 655 feet).)

What Cable is Really

22 Gauge, 22 AWG connectors, specially shielded. It looks like just each pair is isolated.

Alot of people call it T1 cable. That anixter site has it def!