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debian jessie

sudo apt-get install python-cheetah
mkdir ~/sickbeard
cd sickbeard
git clone git:// my-sickbeard-install

Create a systemd service file (adjust below...)[1]

nano /lib/systemd/system/sickbeard.service


# Sickbeard systemd service unit file
# Configuration Notes
#    - Option names (e.g. ExecStart=, Type=) appear to be case-sensitive)
#    - Adjust ExecStart= to point to your python and Sickbeard executables.
#    - Adjust User= and Group= to the user/group you want Sickbeard to run as.
#    - WantedBy= specifies which target (i.e. runlevel) to start Sickbeard for.
# equates to runlevel 3 (multi-user text mode)
#  equates to runlevel 5 (multi-user X11 graphical mode)

Description=Internet PVR for your TV Shows

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python /home/sabnzbd/sickbeard/



You configure sickbeard to pass nzbs through the api but then you have to do the post processing thing.

mkdir ~/.sabnzbd/scripts
cd autoprocessTV/
nano autoProcessTV.cfg.sample
mv autoProcessTV.cfg.sample autoProcessTV.cfg
cp autoProcessTV.* ~/.sabnzbd/scripts/
cp ~/.sabnzbd/scripts/

Through the web interface:


add your scripts post processing folder...


I restarted sabnzbdplus but now knows but now again Through the web interface:

  • add a tv catagory
  • Script:
  • processing +Delete (but sickbeard can do this to? that is after processing delete original data....)
  • I add TV to the path so it does not mix in with the rest of the downloads

Click Add to save


The Config->Post-Processing, the the Post-Processing SECTION does effect the end result of the download even with just the script. Except scan and process and TV download dir.

Something to think about:

I like to keep sub files, for releases that have the added language like Game of Thrones and they are speaking whatever made up language that they made for the show, this will help. I use %RN/%RN in the rename though and set it to move all srt/sfv etc with it (Move associated Files).