Sanyo DP26648 Disable Overscan

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Service Manual


Disabling Overscan on Sanyo TV HDMI Input

Some places will talk about going into the service manual. There are two service menus. You access one of them using the Volume Down and the other using the Channel down.

You have to make sure that the TV is on an input that is not active or it will turn of this menu everytime.

  1. Turn off TV w/ controls
  2. Unplug
  3. Hold Down Channel Down button
  4. Plug in

The menu should pop up. I had to use a ONN model ONB13AV004 from walmart universal remote. Once you get the correct code in (I think 2871) you will be able to bring up the regular TV menu when you use the SHIFT function of the remote and control the menu using the volume and channel buttons also while in shift mode.

Scroll through the service menu and find all of these values and set them to one[1]:


I then hit the menu button to get out of the menu and switched to the active HDMI input. It worked! Wade was helpful and he also had this message:

  • parameter numbers and names might differ depending on model numbers. Just use common sense and try to find the right one. If you can't find the right one, don't just guess! Not unless you can afford a new tv, that is.
    • I set 1 instead of 0 because you may experience some garbage on the edge of the screen otherwise. Move the number up a bit if you still get garbage.

This link clued me in on the Channel Down operation too:

This link references some settings but does not say what to set them to:

It required changing setting # 90 (HDMIHDLftOvSDiff), setting # 91 (HDMIHDRtOvSDiff), setting # 92 (HDMIHDTopOvSDiff), and setting # 93 (HDMIHDBotOvSDiff). Of course, now that I know I can fix the overscan for these three HDMI inputs, I may also fix overscan on the clear QAM digital channels as well and test to see if the original problem I was having with using DVI -> HDMI at a resolution of 1280x720p is fixed.