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Letters to Reps

My local rep:

Lamar Smith (R-TX) John Conyers (D-MI) Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) Howard L. Berman (D-CA) Tim Griffin (R-AR) Elton Gallegly (R-CA) Theodore E. Deutch (D-FL) Steve Chabot (R-OH) Dennis Ross (R-FL) Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) Lee Terry (R-NE) Adam B. Schiff (D-CA) Mel Watt (D-NC) John Carter (R-TX) Karen Bass (D-CA) Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) Peter King (R-NY) Mark E. Amodei (R-NV) Tom Marino (R-PA) Alan Nunnelee (R-MS) John Barrow (D-GA) Steve Scalise (R-LA) Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) William L. Owens (D-NY)


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I'm a Systems Administrator in the Field of IT.

H.R.3261, the 'Stop Online Piracy Act', the internet is one of the last places that one can express themselves freely and safely.  This bill has provisions that will prevent this expression.  While one needs to protect an economy one also needs to protect its citizens sanatiy and needs.

Let the internet fix itself.  It has always worked.

Please don't let this bill become law.

Very Respectfully,


Letter to President


I will try and keep this short because I know your time is valuable.

I helped elect you. I did it because I thought that your methods and decisions would represent a newer generation. My generation. Your decisions and actions regarding the internet have disappointed me. The PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet. I know this and your advisors should know this too.

The people that help run this network of systems think so too.

The internet is important to every citizen’s freedom. It is a place where one can express themselves safely and freely. I sometimes view it as a sanity buffer for the general public. Information is everywhere, some of it is garbage, and some of it is not. The fact is that it is there and it is not impeded. Ideas move fast and develop even faster.

The industry that this is protecting has a known history of corruption and self interests. They view the internet as a tool for their own use but fail to understand and implement their own methods to profit effectively from it. This should not be anyone’s problem but their own. While the internet can be a business tool that is not and never should be its primary purpose.

This Act is the first step to breaking a major part of the internet culture as a whole and starts a chain of events that inhibit the suppression of free speech and destruction of freely created ideas. You yourself should understand how effective the internet is at changing society and how it can affect us as a whole.

Many high-level things will be changed by this act (culture, economies, ideals, etc) but so will the low level workings of the internet. The internet was developed freely and should remain so as the intellectuals that develop it create and think best in an environment of freedom and expression. I have always been proud of our general government stance on the internet as it represents the deeply embedded freedoms of America itself. I believe it is one of the reasons we are so good at creating the technologies that we have today. I believe it is why we are still the most powerful social collective in the world. Our ideas and influence span generations, break down barriers, and free entire countries.

Changing the internet in this manner will change America. It will change the world. We should lead by example and this example should be right. This is not the right way.

Please help stop this damaging document from progress.