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Infinity/Quantum DNA

If I where to take a chunk of infinity and picture it in front of my I see a bunch of tightly packed lines with many 90 degree bends contained in a cylinder with no ends and possibly bent. I also picture circles linking each line together at the corners of the 90 degree bends. Possibly representing other infinities intersecting? Who says that they have to be 90 degrees? Who says that they have to be circles?

Numeric Quantum Impossibility

The theory that a quantum system can never be defined by any numerical system because of its own nature. This can either stem from the fact that defining a system exposes the system to itself and/or that the smallest part of the universe is infinity small.



If it is proved true that we can send energy (neutrinos) back in time cannot we not make a loop of infinite energy? If so I would say that we could either create a device that interacts with this energy. One of the questions about it though is if this device where to pull energy from this loop would the total energy of the loop dwindle? Does the fact that it exists in another dimension open up the possibility for an infinite energy producer?

Can a mini collider be built? Since we may not have the technology to produce such a strong magnetic field at that small of a scale can a larger scale magnetic field be made to extend and be focused to create this smaller (and possibly easier to utilize) device?

Do magnetic fields resonate from accelerated energy? If so can this not be used to create an energy magnet/superconductor?

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