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Note: This is old - Oracle purchased sun and screwed us all...

Be sure to visit: though its better and does not suck.


I used Open Solaris primarily for ZFS. One would figure that Open Solaris would be secure because of the NSA's involvement in it but from what I have researched it seems that Sun uses Open Solaris as a test bed and a way to get free code. They have some security patches in the official SunOS that someone mentioned is not in the Open Solaris release. Other concerns range from Sun abandoning Open Solaris and moving to a value (money) based OS service. Though many point out all the other distros that have stemmed from Open Solaris other comment that the code is not released under GNU. This means that they could do whatever they want with it at any time. This makes me question my dedication to an OS that I don't want to pay for and may be insecure.

For my use I came to the conclusion that I will only use it for ZFS and if and when BSD catches up in their ZFS port may move to BSD. The same code problems talked about above exist for BSD too. Sun can take it away.

Some OpenSolaris Stems OS's

  • Nexenta (This OS claims to be the Solaris kernel with the Ubuntu (Linux) userland which seems nice but it has no window manager by default)
  • StormOS (This OS is the same as Nexenta but has GNOME installed by default)
  • Google

Where To Get Help

Tha Commands

  • devfsadm

Clean up /dev/ with devfsadm -C

  • pfexec svcadm disable gdm

Need to disable GDM or GNOME from starting up? Use that command.

  • pfexec reboot

Restart Open Solaris system via command line

OpenSolaris Resources

[1] - Open Solaris Mailing Lists (ZFS)

Gigabit - Take a look at the Gigabit I did on OSol...


pfexec pkg set-publisher -O && pfexec pkg install SUNWipkg && pfexec pkg image-update -v