Nexus 5

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01. Unlock Bootloader

Put phone into fastboot by turning to off and holding power and both volume buttons

sudo fastboot oem unlock

Hit yes on the device by navigating with the volume buttons, power is enter

If it does not reboot

sudo fastboot reboot


02. Install CWM Recovery and Root Phone

Start here if bootloader unlocked...

pacman -Sv mtpfs
yaourt go-mtpfs-git

You may have to remove reference to out of the PKGBUILD(I did at the time)

sudo go-mtpfs /media/temp

Copy to a dir on the phone (or newer)

cp /your/dest/
sudo fusermount -u /media/temp
sudo adb reboot bootloader

Then flash latest recovery

sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
  • Tab to recovery mode
  • Install Zip
  • Navigate and Select
  • When the installation is completed, go to '+++++Go Back' and reboot the phone by selecting reboot system now from Recovery menu
  • Sure, reroot phone....
  • Open SuperSU to see if installed right.