Image Special Drives

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killall udiskie

Use a filesystem with CRC Checking.

sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=DEVICE.IMAGE bs=64M iflag=dsync oflag=dsync

Make more then one image, then sha512sum the images to make sure you have the good data.

Mount Loop Image

  • read/write
losetup --partscan --find --show disk.img
  • read only
losetup --partscan --find --show --read-only disk.img
  • mount
mount /dev/loop0p1 /media/temp
  • remove loop device

losetup -d /dev/loop0

Save and Restore Partition Tables

pacman -Sv gptfdisk
  • backup
sgdisk --backup=<file> <device> 
  • restore
sgdisk --load-backup=<file> <device>
  • list
gdisk -l <device>