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Site is now up @

Concept - An idea storage and orginazation platform.

  • The site should allow one to brainstorm
  • You should be able to travel and link ideas
  • <idea> tag takes txt from other sites linked to the wiki
  • Site should allow paper sketches and such to be uploaded and notated

Temp Store

  • An array on top of the car with sensors and cameras intergrated into an in car computer.
  • A pair of sun glasses that allow you to stare at the sun, with improved image color, etc.

Idea Torrent Setup

The following pieces of software are required for IdeaTorrent to function:

  • A webserver with PHP5
  • PostgreSQL 8.3
  • Drupal 5.x OR 6.x


Note: Make sure that the user owns the database

ALTER DATABASE mynewdb OWNER TO newuser; 
  • Test connection to database
psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U drupalapp -W -d drupaldb;
 change the line:

 $db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename';


 $db_url = 'pgsql://username:password@localhost/databasename';
Note: I had to use the full settings. That is the wizard will not try and configure the changed url. You must have the correct line.
Note: I also had to run install.php manually (I had to navigate to it)
Note: I use dreamhost. I had to do a custom php.ini and they told me that I would need to compile the module for postgreSQL ( but I did locate on the box that I was using and found a good module.

A snippit of documentation code from :

+ * Specifying the database port:
+ *
+ * If you need to specify a port other than the default for your database
+ * you can put it in the $db_url:
+ * e.g:
+ *   $db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost:3306/databasename';
+ *   $db_url = 'mysqli://username:password@localhost:3306/databasename';
+ *   $db_url = 'pgsql://username:password@localhost:5432/databasename';
+ *



DROP TABLE films, distributors;