IPhone4 Recovery Mode Loop Fix

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I used iReb...worked great!

Fix iPhone Stuck With Recovery Mode - How To Get Out Of Recovery Mode iPhone-iPad-iPod How To Get iPhone-iPad-iPod Out Of Recovery Mode With iTunes Logo And Connect To iTunes Message

iPhone/iPad/iPod often gets stuck in the recovery mode and leaves you in a shocking situation and when you have to connect your iPhone to the computer and even after doing some experiments you fail to get your iPhone out of recovery mode. iPhone usually gets stuck in recovery mode when you try restoring your iPhone for when iTunes throws an error 1015. To be more precise iPhone gets into recovery mode when anything unusual happens with the iOS. The following are the possible situations when an iPhone gets into recovery mode:

   Upgrading your iPhone iOS on jailbroken iPhone.
   Trying to downgrade your iPhone iOS
   Unplugging the iPhone from the computer when updating the iOS
   Pressing down home button + power button for prolonged period (20 secs)
   You were trying to enter dfu, instead entered Recovery mode.
   You messed up with system files using iFile or iPhone Browser
   Something went wrong and you have landed your self into recovery mode 

The following are the tools that can help in getting back iPhone from recovery mode.

   iReb - Download
   Tiny Umbrella - Download

Note: If you messed up with the system files using iFile or iPhone Browser you might not be able to get your iPhone out of recovery, however iTunes error where iPhone software upgrade was almost complete then iTunes showed an error 1015 can be fixed.

http://thefirmwareumbrella.blogspot.com/ http://downloads.ih8sn0w.com/