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IPMI HwCrcStrip issues After Initial Install

So this system has a PDSMI+ w/ AOC-IPMI20-E added. I flashed the card and could get it to work for a second...but once the OS came up nothing, would get a disconnect...

Ended up being that the system once it booted and loaded the e1000e module it would enable HwCrcStrip which disables communication to the IMPI.

so I created a file like so:

cat /etc/modprobe.d/e1000eCRCStripping.conf 
options e1000e CrcStripping=0

I still had to bring the second interface up on boot, but after waiting about 30 seconds, I could access IPMI again.

Here are some links that reference the issue:

Initial Install

So I installed a AOC-IPMI20-E into a PDSMI+. I re flashed the firmware via a FreeDOS usb stick, used the ipnmac utility to set the ip and mac address. In the end I used the newer IPMICFG util and its many options to set a gateway/do dhcp if needed. It had many more options. I just chose a mac address that was no a dupe on my network and not a dupe of any of the two interfaces on the board. They said that there is supposed to be a label by the IMPI slot with a suggested MAC address but mine sticker did not exist.

After reading and reading it looks like in a dual onboard nic system it uses LAN1. I was able to dedicate (not remove from the OS though) that interface to IPMI and put it on the IPMI network. Still, the system it is part of can not access the IPMI lan, which sucks. Newer cards and solutions support VLANs, but I do not think really that would be any more secure...just setup a VLAN on the OS.

impiview [1] works great.

I got everything I needed from here: ftp://ftp.supermicro.com/CDR-0010_2.10_IPMI_Server_Managment/

So far, no matter what I do, I cannot get anything to show up in the BIOS. It was suggested that the BIOS would at least display a IPMI version under status once the card was installed.

I tried the Linux ipmicfg util from the supermicro site above first, that did not work. I did the FreeDOS flash and config...that seemed to work fine. I purchased this board used and who knows what firmware was loaded on it. The link above has different firmware for different boards...you can see that in the package and reference the readme.txt for the required info.

This site helped me understand how it all works: http://wiki.adamsweet.org/doku.php?id=ipmi_on_linux

This also provided answers: https://serverfault.com/questions/259792/how-does-ipmi-sideband-share-the-ethernet-port-with-the-host

This clued me onto the new util: http://www.supermicro.com/support/faqs/faq.cfm?faq=6888
  1. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ipmiview/