Giblet Gravy

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start at boil all
simmer for a while 45 min to hr (dont matter, water in pan)
gizzard, get fat off
chop up liver and heat
meat off neck chopped

keep simmer
keep liquid, get rid of foam and stuff
rinse pan
put liquid and chopped up stuff in

pour stock in for how much gravy you want

gravy master
chicken boulin
salt (not too much) (teaspoon for BIG pot)
poltry season teaspoon for each two courts

put quarter cup of corn starch into cold water (about 1/2 cup) and mix (not paste, but liquidy)

turn heat up on gravy to almost boil
stir constantly and add little bit of corn starch at one time

starts to thicken

taste to see how much salt - NOT TOO MUCH SALT