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Hard Drive Falls Out/Detaches

HD Problem

WD2500BEVT-75A23T0 01.01A01

ada0: - bla - detached
Device bla went missing before all of the data could be written to it:  expect data loss
NOP.  ACB: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
CAM status: ATA Status Error
ATA status: d1 (BSY DRDY SERV ERR), error: 04 (ABRT )
RES: d1 04 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
Error 5, Retries exhausted
NOP.  ACP: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
CAM status: ATA Status Error
ATA status: d1 (BSY DRDY SERV ERR), error: 04 (ABRT )
RES: d1 04 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
Error 5, Retries exhausted

Solution Research

Forum Posts

Potential Solutions 30
needo	During a scrub one of my drives detached.
needo	Jan 1 11:36:36 arkham (aprobe0:ahcich4:0:0:0): CAM status: ATA Status Error
needo	Jan 1 11:36:36 arkham (aprobe0:ahcich4:0:0:0): ATA status: d1 (BSY DRDY SERV ERR), error: 04 (ABRT )
anodos	needo: what type of drives / controller or hba?
needo	anodos: This was on the motherboard onboard sata controller a WD 6TB Red
    • turn off the drives' power-saving features (this is done through a DOS utility you can download)
    • Updating the firmware and increasing the timeout before these spin down automagically is likely to help, but as Andrea noted, such drives do have quite a history of timeout problems due to excessive head parking and their power conservation attempts.


  • Intel, Crucial, Samsung


ada vs ahci


wdidle3.exe /D

Problem with solution and new problem

Another Issue WD Red

Be warned, I used the wdidle3 utility on my 68EUZN0 drive to disable the head parking, but it did the opposite: it was cycling every second and ticking like a clock! I rebooted and set the timer to max (300s) and all seems well for now.

Out of interest did the reported Load Cycle Count increase aswell? When you say it was ticking like a clock, I presume you mean that the drive was making clicking noises like a clock when it parked the heads (or do you mean that the LCC was ticking over every second like a clock lol)?

Yes, I took a screenshot of the LCC using Crystal Disk Info both before I disabled the timer and after.

Pay attention to: Load_Cycle_Count

HD Problem Continue

       -J     Get/set the Western Digital (WD) Green Drive's "idle3" timeout
              value.  This timeout controls how often the drive parks its
              heads and enters a low power consumption state.  The factory
              default is eight (8) seconds, which is a very poor choice for
              use with Linux.  Leaving it at the default will result in
              hundreds of thousands of head load/unload cycles in a very
              short period of time.  The drive mechanism is only rated for
              300,000 to 1,000,000 cycles, so leaving it at the default
              could result in premature failure, not to mention the
              performance impact of the drive often having to wake-up before
              doing routine I/O.

              WD supply a WDIDLE3.EXE DOS utility for tweaking this setting,
              and you should use that program instead of hdparm if at all
              possible.  The reverse-engineered implementation in hdparm is
              not as complete as the original official program, even though
              it does seem to work on at a least a few drives.  A full power
              cycle is required for any change in setting to take effect,
              regardless of which program is used to tweak things.

              A setting of 30 seconds is recommended for Linux use.
              Permitted values are from 8 to 12 seconds, and from 30 to 300
              seconds in 30-second increments.  Specify a value of zero (0)
              to disable the WD idle3 timer completely (NOT RECOMMENDED!).

The answer?

The Why

For those with some WD Reds, apparently not. I think it goes like this..

- WD Reds introduced to market in 2012. Everything is fine. (I'll call these drives group 1)
- WD Red drives manufactured around Sept-Dec 2013 changed to having an 8 second idle park(normally I'd call it intellipark, but I don't think that term is appropriate for WD Reds). wdidle3 works on these drives. (I'll call these drives group 2)
- At some point people complained, WD backtracked and changed it to 300 seconds(or disabled... not sure which). Likely Dec-2013/Jan-2014. (I'll call these drives group 3)
- January 2013 WD released the tool for WD Reds(compatible with linux and windows.. woohoo?) called wd5741

If you are in group 1, this stuff doesn't matter.
If you are in group 2, you have an 8 second delay. wdidle3.exe works and the new wd5741 *may* NOT work.
If you are in group 3, you have a 300 second delay(or its disabled.. not sure which exactly), and both wdidle3 and wd5741 *should* work.

This is simplified down horribly, and some info may be inaccurate. The bottom line is you should follow my guide if you have any question about what to do. It's all explained there. 


  • From what i know, all WD Green drives with IntelliPark suffer from this "design decision".