Dell Laptop Fan Control

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yaourt i8kutils
  • Set to max:
i8kfan 2 2
  • But right after you set it the bios puts it right back down? (Run the command fast in a row)
  • To fix, we need smm
tar xvf i8kutils_1.42.tar.xz
  • Build smm
cd i8kutils
  • 64 bit:
gcc -g -O2 -Wall -I. -o smm -m32 smm.c
  • 32 bit:


gcc -g -O2 -Wall -I. -o smm smm.c

same thing

  • Disable BIOS Fan Speed Control:
sudo ./smm 30a3
  • Enable BIOS Fan Speed Control:
sudo ./smm 31a3

Disable it and issue the command again!

i8kfan 2 2 (Listen as this will set fans to maximum speed)
i8kfan 1 1 (This will set fans to slow speed)
-1 0
(which means there is no left fan and the right fan is off)
i8kfan - 1
(turns the right fan on at the minimum level)
i8kfan - 2
(turns the right fan at the maximum level)
i8kfan - 0
(turns the right fan off)

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