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Backing up Disney DVDs

Many of you know that I had a son about 6 months ago now. What you may not know is that my wife decided to quit her job and start a home day­care so she could be at home with our son. We all know how hard kids can be on DVDs and the like, so its impor­tant to be able to back them up. I am not a fan of the encryp­tion or the new copy pro­tec­tions that have been put in place (ARc­cOS, Rip­Guard). These copy pro­tec­tions intro­duce bad sec­tors in the DVD, and set top play­ers are sup­posed to just ignore them. The prob­lem is not all play­ers fol­low the rules. I’ve got a few cheapo play­ers that just wont play many newer titles because of this copy protection.

Now that there is a swarm of chil­dren in the house I have sev­eral moti­va­tions to back­ing up my DVDs.

1) I want the kids to be able to use the cheap DVD play­ers. If some­thing bad hap­pens no big deal.

2) I want the kids to use copies of the orig­i­nal DVDs instead of the orig­i­nal. Again burn­ing a new dvd is much cheaper than buy­ing a new one.

3) My MythTV fron­tends can stream ISOs and thats more con­ve­nient, I never have to get up and put a DVD in the player.

So a bit of research and some trial and error I believe I have come up with a pretty easy process. Pack­ages needed:

   Gnu ddres­cue
#gpasswd -a USERNAME optical
#pacman -S libdvdread libdvdcss libdvdnav

The process:

   ddres­cue --no-split --sector-size=2048 /dev/dvd output.iso
   dvd­backup –M –i output.iso –o dvd_structure
   mkisofs –dvd-video –o clean_dvd.iso dvd_structure

Step 1 copys the DVD to disk block by block but any bad sec­tors found zero data is filled in. At this point you are left with a DVD iso that has the copy pro­tec­tion removed but the encryp­tion is still intact. Step 2 extract the con­tents to a direc­tory. This sec­ond step leaves you with the struc­ture of a dvd with­out the encryp­tion. I want to pre­serve every­thing about the orig­i­nal DVD (except the copy pro­tec­tion and encryp­tion) so I used the mir­ror option. This leaves me with all the fea­tures and orig­i­nal menus. Step 3 take the DVD struc­ture and pack it up into a nice ISO. A few things to note:

I took no steps to make the DVD fit on a sin­gle layer DVD (4.something GB). If you wanted to do that you should requan­tize after step 2. To ver­ify that the final ISO did indeed have the encryp­tion removed I un-installed libdvdcss2 and attempted to play the first ISO with VLC. VLC failed to prop­erly play the ISO with only the copy pro­tec­tion removed but suc­ceeded in play­ing the final ISO. After test­ing that I rein­stalled libdvdcss2.

Process tested on Dis­ney Pixar Cars. I hope you find this helpful.