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Works with 4G modems (tested with the Huawei E368) but in the documentation on the CP site (ReleaseNotes) here is this Gem: "PHS300 with LTE or WiMAX Modems: The PHS300 USB port is USB1.1 standard. Maximum tested throughput speeds are typically limited to 6mbps."

Which means that I will never get anything over 6mbit out of this thing. With overhead...etc...I get max about 4mbits and that is at a location that has verified consistent 10mbit speeds.

I was using this thing on a 3G network and had it plugged in for months (like 5 or 8 months) everyday using it constantly. I should have taken the battery out because it looks like it is bulging. I may order another depending if I use it or not. They have generics online for like $5. It is worth while to note that while the battery appears to be messed and the charge activity deal in the unit and on the web interface says 100% alot that I have been using it for about 30 mins and it still works. Most batteries just crap out without use and trickle charge for months.


Looks like it supports 'highspeed' usb.

The combination of high data rate LTE or WIMAX modems along with a wired LAN connection may cause modem connection reliability issues when “Use Fastest Communication Method” is enabled. For best connection reliability, either connect to the router using WiFi or disable “Use Fastest Communication Method” in the Modem->Settings page

  • Note: Disabling “Use Fastest Communication Method” may result in lower data rates.
may cause modem connection reliability

What the hell is MAY supposed to mean? Thanks for dumbing it down so I understand what is really going on. Just tell me the dam issue.

So. It seems these CP devices are becoming more and more useless.

  • Disable ‘High Speed USB’ (Modem > Settings) (this will not affect throughput speed on most 3G modems, and will limit 4G modems to around 7Mbps download);
  • Use a USB extension cable instead of plugging the modem directly into the MBR USB port (this can actually improve speed and reliability in many conditions, not just as a troubleshooting mechanism);

Product Research 2016 - 01


The ARC CBA850 seamlessly integrates 4G LTE from your preferred carrier. Choose from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, international, and a "generic" model that works on T-Mobile in the U.S. and Rogers, Bell, and TELUS in Canada.

   ARC CBA850LPE-VZ — LTE/EVDO for Verizon
   ARC CBA850LPE-SP — LTE/EVDO for Sprint
   ARC CBA850LPE-GN — LTE/HSPA+ (generic)
   ARC CBA850LP3-EU — LTE/HSPA+ for International

Verizon Site


Frequency Bands:

    LTE Bands 1-5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 20, 25, 26, 29, 30, 41
        Verizon: 2, 4, 5, 13 (XLTE support w/carrier aggregation)
        AT&T: 2, 4, 5, 12/17, 29, 30
        Sprint: 25, 26, 41 (LTE Plus Support)
        T-Mobile: 2, 4, 12 (T-Mobile Wideband LTE Support)
        Generic: all

Product Research 2016 - 02

Cradlepoint ARC CBA850


  • No WIFI:
  • No POE
  • 350-600.00

2018 Supported.


  • 249.99


  • Cradlepoint CTR-350 Cellular Travel Router (Black) - Discontinued.



  • Carrier Aggregation: B13/B4 & B13/B2


  • 12VDC 1A power adapter (1.5 meter cord)
  • 802.3af (15W) or 802.3at (30W) PoE capable
  • Universal 3G/4G/LTE Modem Antenna Part #: 170649-000
Mfg. Part: CBA850LPE-VZ | CDW Part: 3703506 | UNSPSC: 43222609