Converting Video For DIVX Devices

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Testing with 2010 Equinox.


pacman -S dvdrip libdv xvidcore
yaourt divx4linux
sudo pacman -Sv mplayer


Quoted from Gentoo Wiki:

Before jumping into details, let's look at the basics for re-encoding a video file from a format MPlayer can play to an MPEG4. Here is a very simple example:

mencoder movie.wmv -o movie.avi -ovc lavc -oac lavc
Note: This line Does not work with 2010 Equinox

Here's an explanation each option being passed:

  • movie.wmv the filename of the original movie file you want to re-encode. It can be any file format that mplayer can play (mplayer can play almost anything).
  • -o <filename> the filename to save the encoded file to. On older version of MPlayer, if you do not provide an argument, mencoder will output to "test.avi".
  • -ovc <video codec> OVC stands for 'output video codec'. This is the library you want to use to encode the video.
  • -oac <audio codec> OAC stands for 'output audio codec'. This is the library you want to encode the audio portion with.

Believe it or not -- that's about all you need to know about re-encoding a file. The example above will encode the video to DivX (mpeg4) video and the audio track to mp2.

If you want to see how another file has been encoded, just run midentify movie.avi. You can also run file movie.avi on the new file for a more basic description. Or, if you have media-video/transcode installed, you can use tcprobe -i movie.avi as well.


  • gui
yaourt mtvcgui


  • gui
yaourt divxconverter
  • run with
python2 /usr/bin/divxc

More GUIs



  • Works (Equinox took 2 min to load a listing of one file, then would play)
  • To high of bitrate (source file smaller then non source)
  • Just testing but for what I am doing I do not think I need some of the command line options
ffmpeg -i DEFCON\ 20\:\ Owned\ in\ 60\ Seconds\:\ From\ Network\ Guest\ to\ Windows\ Domain\ Admin.webm -f avi -vcodec mpeg4 -b 1500k -s 648x480 -ab 128k -vtag divx output.avi


mencoder movie.wmv -o movie.avi -ovc lavc -oac lavc
Note: This line does not work with 2010 Equinox

divx converter

Both filesizes bigger then original

  • default settings - Works with Equinox
  • hardware compatible - Audio does not play with equinox. Video worked first time but second time played corrupt.