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A little birdy told me that if you can get into your task manager and end the processes rpcnetp.exe and rpcnet.exe and then go into \Windows\System32\ and delete rpcnetp.exe, rpcnet.exe, rpcnetp.dll and rpcnet.dll then open notepad (just a blank pad) and go Save As, Save As type 'All Files' browse to /Windows/System32/ and save it once as rpcnetp.exe then again as rpcnet.exe, then again as rpcnetp.dll then one last time as rpcnet.dll then make each of those files Read Only. Well, it wont be able to load anymore.

Obviously you can do this using a LiveCD/USB. If you don't have one Slax is an awesome (and small) distribution that'll boot off of a USB drive.

The other option, is to go to the manufacturers website and find a 'clean' BIOS and flash away.

Edit: Depending on the version, you may be able to just jump into your BIOS and disable it, this could be easier.