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I usually use rtorrent but setting a download directory to a cifs share with rtorrent does not work. It gives a hash error. I did not try disabling fill space or what not yet on download.

rtgui works great on debian. You do need to add:

scgi_port =

To the config file for the webserver to communicate with the rtorrent client.


Transmission seems to work just fine over cifs. I did disable autofill/preallocation though. I did not try it with it on as I never liked that feature anyways.

It does not recieve filesystem updates over cifs for the watch directory. Someone said make a cron script to scan every x mins and send the files to transmission.


Use this if your stuck

make a new file script

nano /root/

paste the folllowing text then save (change the /volum1/torrentwatch/ to the path of your folder

for file in /volume1/torrentwatch/*.torrent
if [ "$file" != "/volume1/torrentwatch/*.torrent" ]; then
echo [`date`] "$file" added to queue. >> /var/log/toradd.log
/opt/bin/transmission-remote -a "$file"
rm "$file"
sleep 1

Save the file then run

chmod a+x /root/
nano /etc/crontab

paste this next line then save

* * * * * root sh /root/

now run crond restart

This will add each .torrent file u drop in that directory.

Note: Every second seems excessive