SED Hard Drives

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SED or Self Encrypting Drives

11:16 < Kasperle> webdawg: there are some micron SED SSDs that can be unlocked with an ID printed on the device
11:17 < Kasperle> webdawg: it's probably dependent on the device/brand of SED

Unlock/Reset DEK Seagate SED with SID on drive?

Unlocking w/ secure erase

PSID is a OPAL 2.0 concept, OPAL 1.0 drives do not have it.

  • When the drive is shipped from the factory, all passwords are set to the value of MSID. This 32-byte random value can only be read by the host electronically over the interface. After receipt of the drive, it is the responsibility of the owner to use the default MSID password as the authority to change all other passwords to unique owner-specified values.