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I have tried a few multi monitor add on products for my laptop. I have tried a USB to Displaylink adapter on linux and it sucked. One of the larger problems that I had with it was the fact that when used with linux it wanted to be the #1 monitor. Kernel modules. Kernel panics. xorg does not support hot plugging. I wanted to use this but could not imagine what would have happened if I unplugged it while my system was running.

I still may try it but I am going to wait for hotplugging and stability.

It may be releated to the device that I was using. IOGEAR.

PCMCIA adapter VGA

I managed to pick up a VTBook PCMCIA adapter that was known to be compatable with linux. Except that it is not supported anymore by the company that made it. The source code is available.

It is compiled for a 32bit system and does not work on my x86_64

Via Software

I have used synergy for years but xdmx is the way to go. You can take many systems (with attached monitors) and turn them into one great screen. I also want to distribute the CPU load across systems eventually.

So far I cannot get this to work:

Something different?:




This is great:

One supercomputer in a household. 100 different displays. Im telling you its the future. No cloud.

Pass USB over Ethernet?