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*http://www.summet.com/blog/2007/02/17/laptop-battery-refill/ (BMS System)
*http://www.summet.com/blog/2007/02/17/laptop-battery-refill/ (BMS System)

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I have a few laptops that need new batteries. The fact that OEM is expensive and most of the time you cannot find any good after market I would like to rebuild them. I would also like to rebuild them because battery technology is better now and I think I can get better batteries.

Jump Starting Dead Batteries

One of the problems that I have read about is if the battery side of the battery circuit loses power then the circuit blocks/locks. Recommendations so far seem to be:

Jump start the circuit with voltage[1] Independently charge the battery side[2]

I have also read somewhere that you can never get the circuit to start again so during the repair process keep it powered.

It has been called a control circuit,


Rebuilding Tips


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