Camera Security System

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Logitech 700e and 700i IP cameras

    • e = external = 249$
    • i = internal = 229$

Logitech cameras have a 'free' service associated with them that allows on to route the cameras to their web proxy so you can view them online or through an app. Technically no server required but do you want Logitech to have access to the cameras?


    • Welcome to, home of ZoneMinder the top Linux video camera security and surveillance solution. ZoneMinder is intended for use in single or multi-camera video security applications, including commercial or home CCTV, theft prevention and child, family member or home monitoring and other domestic care scenarios such as nanny cam installations. It supports capture, analysis, recording, and monitoring of video data coming from one or more video or network cameras attached to a Linux system. ZoneMinder also support web and semi-automatic control of Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras using a variety of protocols. It is suitable for use as a DIY home video security system and for commercial or professional video security and surveillance. It can also be integrated into a home automation system via X.10 or other protocols. If you're looking for a low cost CCTV system or a more flexible alternative to cheap DVR systems then why not give ZoneMinder a try?